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Fill out the form on the dating site. Tips and rules

Dear ladies, turning to the international dating site, you present yourselves to the world. And what kind of impression you make on potential husbands, first of all depends on your profile. How to make your profile popular? We'll show you some tricks of the questionnaire, the girls are often overlooked, thus reducing the number of their fans several times.

More information. Fill the form with as much details as possible. Many girls, telling a minimum of information, expect to tell the rest in the following correspondence. But the correspondence does not occur. Why not? Because profile must be interesting and informative, so that the man wanted to write a letter to a lady. Think yourself what you want to know about the person that you liked. For sure it will be full information about his hobbies, interests and principles in life, character and habits. So, that's what men want to see in your profile!
Feel free to describe yourself what you are - you do not do worse, but make it easier to yourself and others in choosing the soul mate. It is much easier to live when you communicate with people taking you with all your advantages and disadvantages. Lie, in any case pops up, as if you have not tried to hide it. In addition, users with open personal information in the lead in the ranking of international date sites, which means that the girls with popular profiles are much higher chance to find a real man in the vast World Wide Web.

Originality. In your profile try do not imitate others - it is better to stand its immediacy and attitude to life than be bored with the rest of the "mother hen" in a chicken coop. Foreign men love women, who do not hide their "ego", and all those repetitive entries such as "kind, gentle, mysterious ..." no one cause of delight, and more frequently than others are at the bottom of the list. Write about your qualities, which are the most important in your life. Tell the world about your beliefs (moral, social, etc.); tell us about your family values: with what you are agree or disagree; do not afraid of statements about yourself - the brighter they are, the more they are drawn to a worthy man.

Photos. Each girl registered in social networks, knows how important good photos are. After one successful photo added, several times increased offer "add to friends". This phenomenon is even more widespread on international dating sites.

The preparation of the photo should be taken seriously. First, you should not be limited with one or two photographs. At a minimum, there should be four, at most - as you wish. Professional photography - a good thing, but does not intersect with the attempt to find a husband abroad. Foreign men do not interested in the number of makeup on your face, do not master the ability to work in Photoshop, they are interested in personal world of the girl, her stay in the natural environment and her relation to life. So load those photos that show your personality, show how and where you enjoy relaxing, and demonstrate your interests and hobbies. Of course, this does not mean that with all this, you cannot add a couple of high-quality portraits from photo-studio. If you have a sufficient number of photographs of different areas of your life, studio photo a little dilute this kaleidoscope, emphasizing your style and charm.

One last tip: if you can, fill in the profile and select photos along with some male friends (except your brother and father). So you can hear an objective opinion of man, with which your profile will certainly be the most popular . . .